Why are all your members LGBT+ friendly?

Our project grew from the LGBT Friendly Vilnius initiative which made the first LGBT Friendly map in 2012. At first it caused controversy, but soon the map became a great success, and since those days Lithuanian society has become more tolerant and friendly. Growing the project, we decided it would make sense to add other Friendly categories to introduce more access, visibility and tolerance for a diverse crowd of people. We still keep the golden rule – all our venues must be committed to promote LGBT+ friendliness.

How can I support Friendly City?

Thank you for asking! Your donations are, of course, very welcome.

Please get in touch if you would like to sponsor a side project such as our Friendly Stories magazine, or if you would like to partner with us.


Are there any businesses you don’t accept in the project?

We don’t accept those businesses which don’t want to publicly declare that they are LGBT+ friendly, or have a poor reputation. We reserve the right to delete venues that don’t meet our standards.

How do you choose the businesses?

We choose the venues based on our own experiences, word-of-mouth and overall reputation.

Can I recommend a friendly place that I love?

Sure, that’d be awesome! Please use the contact form to recommend us the place you’ll like and we’ll attempt to contact them if we think they match our criteria.

What if I had an unfriendly experience at one of your partner venues?

Please use the contact form to inform us! Depending on the situation, we will try to help solving the problem or consider dropping the venue from our list.

What does “disability friendly” mean?

In most cases this means the venue has wheelchair access, and sometimes including an accessible bathroom. This category is quite broad and we also include venues that have staff speaking sign language or an easy-to-read menu format, for example. In each case you will find details in the venue’s description.

Why is there a separate “trans friendly” category?

While all venues are LGBT+ friendly, the ones that are marked “trans friendly” also have gender neutral bathrooms.